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Overview of scam broker MarketsBank

MarketsBank is a bogus brokerage firm that you should avoid at all costs. Many similar companies share the same red flags, including a lack of proper regulations and deceptive claims. What’s more, their legal agreements often include suspicious clauses that make it challenging to recover your money. 

Even ignoring these warning signs, MarketsBank falls short as a trustworthy broker. Currently, it is not possible to open an account with them. This is definitely a clear sign to stay away from them! Let’s dig deeper into this MarketsBank review for more. 

Headquarters30 Churchill Place London E14 5RE
Minimum Deposit$250/ $10.000 for cards
Review Rating1/5
Broker TypeFX, CFD, Crypto
PlatformsWeb trader
Spread0.0 pips

Is MarketsBank Reliable Broker? Regulation and Safety

The website of this so-called firm boasts of being a legit and globally recognized Forex & CFDs broker. Yet, such claims should always be treated with suspicion and thoroughly researched. The website lists its owner as Tech-Stat Solutions LTD, in the United Kingdom.

Regardless, it’s critical to note that in regulated regions like the UK, one cannot offer brokerage services unless they are licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Tech-Stat Solutions LTD is not listed among the authorized entities by the FCA.

A brief search of UK company registers reveals something interesting! There is indeed a newly established company by that name. Still, it is not authorized to provide financial services. It says it operates as an advertising agency, leaving the connection between it and Markets Bank’s website uncertain.

The website’s legal documentation, including the Terms and Conditions, fails to mention the business name, and the applicable law is contradictory, stating that it is based in Hungary. This is shady, by all means! This lack of clarity raises even more red flags about the legitimacy of MarketsBank.

MarketsBank Trading Platform

MarketsBank claims to have a superb trading platform. Still, don’t believe everything you see on the internet! The website shows stock images of typical online software, but we couldn’t confirm if there is any truth to this claim because they don’t allow new account registration. The only option available on the website is to log into an existing account.

Beware of bogus brokers who use tactics like spamming social media, online forums, and YouTube comments to lure unsuspecting victims. Just because a trading platform exists doesn’t mean it’s legit.

On the other hand, legit brokers give their clients numerous trading software options. Think of desktop and mobile apps or web-based platforms. The industry’s most well-known and trusted platforms are MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These platforms have become the industry standard due to their wide range of advanced features. 

Trading Instruments You Can Trade

MarketsBank’s website promises a “huge selection of tradable instruments”, but they don’t give you details on what these instruments are or what the trading parameters look like. When you visit the website of a legit broker, you’ll find a variety of trading account options that cater to various investors. These should come with detailed descriptions of all the essential details.

Unfortunately, MarketsBank’s account descriptions only mention one thing – an absurd minimum deposit of 10,000 USD. Make sure that you have all the info you need to make smart trading decisions. After all, Markets Bank doesn’t provide that level of transparency.

MarketsBank Account Types Available

MarketsBank, the suspicious broker, lures traders of all levels with their offerings of diverse trading accounts. From their site, you’ll see that they have five account options – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium, and Platinum. Each account appears to have unique features. However, it’s essential to be wary of these promises.

It’s typical for scams like Markets Bank to try and attract potential victims by offering various account types, each with its own “unique” features. Regardless, these account types may just be a way to extract more cash from traders, without actually providing any real benefits.

Before signing up for an account with MarketsBank, try to do thorough research and verify their claims. A legit broker will be transparent about their offerings and will provide clear and detailed info about each account type. Don’t be swayed by the promise of fancy account names and supposed “exclusive” features. Remember to always be cautious. 

MarketsBank Bonuses and Promotions

MarketsBank Offers Bonuses

Bonuses offered by brokers like MarketsBank are nothing more than a manipulative tool used to trap clients into depositing funds they may never see again. It’s a popular fact that many top-notch regulators have banned bonuses for this very reason.

The reality is that bonuses exist as a way for brokers to restrict clients from withdrawing their funds. The bonus becomes a bargaining chip, with the firm using it as leverage to stop clients from leaving. More often than not, clients are even required to trade a certain amount before they’re able to access the funds they deposited. This goes without saying! 

So, if you’re thinking about trading with Markets Bank, be cautious of any bonus offers that may come your way. They may sound inviting, but the truth is, they could end up emptying your pockets. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

At Markets Bank, they say you can deposit or withdraw your funds through a wire transfer or credit card. But the truth is, we couldn’t verify that for sure. What’s even fishier is that the subpage for account login has a “crypto wallet” domain name. Red flag, anyone? Scammers love using crypto transactions because they can hardly be refunded. So, usually, they hope to trap their victims that way.

But here’s the deal: there are actually legit brokers out there that accept digital currencies like Bitcoin. However, the key difference is that they do it alongside other safe and reliable payment methods, such as bank cards, wire transfers, or popular e-wallets like PayPal, Sofort, or Advcash. A broker that only accepts crypto should raise a warning sign.

How Does The Fraud Work?

Beware of many different scams in trading. Do thorough research before investing with a broker. Keep in mind that even experienced traders do this. 

Scammers offer false promises of easy profits and urge for more investments, resulting in loss of funds and difficulty in withdrawing. Always trade with a legitimate and trustworthy broker.

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MarketsBank Summary

MarketsBank is a questionable FX broker with a lack of transparency and fake information. The website claims to offer award-winning trading software. Yet, there is no way to confirm this. Deposits and withdrawals are supposedly made by wire transfer or credit card. 

However, the domain of the account login subpage is labeled “crypto wallet”. The broker also has high minimum deposit amounts for all account types. It is best to stay alert and research a broker before opening an account.

FAQs About MarketsBank Broke

What Funding Methods Do MarketsBank accept?

According to some sources, they claim to accept wire transfers and credit card deposits.

How Long Do MarketsBank Withdrawals Take?

There is no information available about the time it takes for MarketsBank withdrawals to process.

Is My Money Safe with MarketsBank?

The safety of your funds with MarketsBank cannot be guaranteed, as there have been concerns about their legitimacy.