Astrocapitaltrade Review: Avoid This Broker At All Costs


Astrocapitaltrade has built an entire empire of lies around itself, as you can see from its website. The pretentious, nevertheless, false claims of having multiple licenses are sure to capture the attention of potential victims. 

Supposedly secure and safe, transparent, with unparalleled trading conditions, Astrocapitaltrade is committed to bringing top-notch education to help traders progress. 

They enforce all their claims by shoving imaginary regulations into your face. Some of the regulations Astrocapitaltrade got were from non-existent agencies, but that doesn’t stop them from trying everything to look more credible. 

Let’s get to the bottom of this together. Read our Astrocapitaltrade review and you will see the lengths scammers go to in order to attract new customers. 

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CompanyAstrocapitaltrade Ltd
Email[email protected]
HeadquartersCoffeyville, Massachusetts USA
Minimum Deposit$1000
Review Rating1/5
Broker TypeForex
SpreadFrom 1.9 pips

How Are You Protected at Astrocapitaltrade?

In all honesty, you can hardly feel protected when you hand your investments over to a fraud like Astrocapitaltrade. Props to them for trying so hard to convince us of their legitimacy. 

However, lying about regulation from UFSA, a fictional regulatory agency in the US, does little to earn customers’ trust. The main regulatory duo of the US is CFTC and NFA. 

All licensed brokerage companies are members of the NFA. A quick check of that list showed us Astrocapitaltrade is not one of the legit US brokers. 

This scammer further explains how reliable they are because they own a license from FCA, BaFin, and CNMV.  Needless to say, these are all false claims. It was clear as a day to us after combing through the database of each of the respective regulators. 

Astrocapitaltrade goes over the board trying to look credible, when in fact all they did was seem more suspicious. An unregulated brokerage firm like this one can’t possibly comply with MiFID rules set against money laundering. 

You could never expect a scammer to respect your privacy data, store your investments in segregated accounts and provide a compensation plan. The extreme leverage Astrocapitaltrade offers is another evidence of them not implementing the mandatory leverage restriction and negative balance protection.  

With these many facts speaking negatively of Astrocapitaltrade, we couldn’t find a single good reason why anyone would want to invest here. 

Missing regulation is just one of the red flags. We will point out more shady details about this con, so keep reading our review. 

Astrocapitaltrade Trading Platform Overview 

Registration at Astrocapitaltrade is quick and the site doesn’t filter new users in any aspect. After signing up, you are taken directly to the trading area. There you can get familiar with the marvelous MetaTrader 5 that Astrocapitaltrade advertises. Well, no, not really. 

Instead of providing traders with the multilingual and multipurpose Metatrader 5 platform, all you will get is a basic web trader. The site throws around claims of enabling the highest standards of safe trading through MT5 but none of that stands. 

Generic and simple web terminal doesn’t offer any useful functions and you can find it on many scam websites. This sort of software is the easiest to manipulate. So believe us when we say, Astrocapitaltrade is not a broker to invest with. A bogus broker offering bogus software has nothing of use in the eyes of a decent investor.   

Account Types at Astrocapitaltrade

Although Astrocapitaltrade doesn’t mention the account types except for the Live trading account, there are several investment plans available:

  • Bronze package – $1 000
  • Silver package – $5 000
  • Gold package – $10 000
  • Diamond package – $20 000
  • Vip trading plan – $50 000

The only thing more ridiculous than these prices is the fact that these are weekly investment plans. If you plan to invest over a month’s course, the zeros add significantly so we stopped counting and concluded this to be something only a fraud can plan. 

As you can already guess, there’s nothing Astrocapitaltrade as fraud can offer for these extreme prices. Their services are fictive and based on illusions to motivate you to invest, nothing more.

For comparison purposes, refer to our table of recommended brokers to see the tremendous difference in deposits when opening accounts with reputable sites. 

Astrocapitaltrade Funding Methods

Astrocapitaltrade follows the pattern of an ordinary scammer when it comes to depositing methods. You can only fund your account via crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDT). 

To buy any of the digital currencies, you have to make a transaction through a third-party website – This means exposing your credit card info to the scammers behind the site. Highly risky way of funding your trading account. 

Now, withdrawals are also possible via crypto-only, but Astrocapitaltrade gets confused about pricing. The dashboard where you handle the withdrawals first assures you that withdrawing money is not changed. Literally, the following paragraph then says that upon every request, you will be charged with a withdrawal fee of undisclosed value. 

Legal Documents explaining this are missing, so we had no way of checking what Astrocapitaltrade meant by this. Either way, this fake broker shows too much inconsistency to be trusted in the least.

How Does The Scam Actually Work?

As unconvincing as Astrocapitaltrade looks to an experienced eye, there’s always a chance for a less knowledgeable beginner trader to fall for the promises. While not many would be tricked into investing the absurd amounts that Astrocapitaltrade demands, some investors may feel intrigued. 

The trading conditions are vague but there’s a lot of reassurance about credibility, reliability and legitimateness. Astrocapitaltrade achieves this by bragging about the nonexistent licenses. 

Mentioning reputable regulators and tier-one financial institutions bears a certain weight. Astrocapitaltrade does it shamelessly and uses misinformation to fool traders into joining their site. 

Even if you made a mistake and joined, it wouldn’t take you too long to realize the trading terminal is hardly functional. All the promised services and expensive account features are lies and it soon becomes clear all Astrocapitaltrade was after is your capital.

Forex Brokers Recommended

Taking the advantage of the best trading conditions is only possible with reputable brokers with licenses. 

Authorization to sell their products and financial services comes from a jurisdictional financial entity. The same institution that’s overseeing their brokerage activities. In case of illegal actions, the supervisory body takes the necessary measures. Acquiring the license is only the first step. Keeping it is the tricky part. 

Our brokers of choice are all multiple times regulated by major regulatory agencies. As such, they provide impeccable safety of funds and customer protection standards. 

For all the additional information, feel free to open Demo accounts with the following brokers and experience exceptional service and trading conditions:  

BrokerCountry,RatingMin. DepositWebsite
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HFM HF Markets BrokerCyprus, UK, South Africa, UAE, Kenya4.3$5HFM.Com
FBS BrokerCyprus, Belize, Marshall Islands4.85$100FBS.Com

Astrocapitaltrade Summary

In short, Astrocapitaltrade is a newly registered scammer with a faulty website and unattractive trading conditions. Pricey investment plans and defective trading platforms can hardly motivate a confident trader to invest here. 

A miserable attempt at seeming credible actually makes Astrocapitaltrade more dubious and less trustworthy. Our Astrocapitaltrade review has quickly shown the supposed regulations are just fabrications. Financial swindlers offer these lies in exchange for your funds and believe us when we say, only one side profits in the story.

Please be careful with easy earnings. Simply because they’re far from realistic and serve to drag you into the scamming scheme. This cannot happen with regulated brokerage agencies. To protect your investments and trade safely with reputable brokers instead!

FAQs About Astrocapitaltrade Broker

Is Astrocapitaltrade Regulated?

No, Astrocapitaltrade is a scamming business without a license. They are operating illegally and their sole purpose is defrauding clients. 

How Much Is The Minimum Deposit for Astrocapitaltrade?

Least-costing investment plan at Astrocapitaltrade has a price of $1000. Acclaimed brokers will rarely ask for a deposit that high.

Does Astrocapitaltrade Offer a Demo Account?

At Astrocapitaltrade you can only trade after you open a live account. So funding your account before trading is a must.